Monday, March 30, 2009

The Perfect Invitation Search...

Wedding planning has been a dream for the most part. Most of my decisions were painless and made without too many hesitations.
My biggest issue? Invitations.
I consider myself a simple, classic bride. I don't want colors, I don't want ribbons, I don't want lots of things going on all over the place. I have made several long trips to Kate's Paperie and searched and searched online for a glimmer of inspiration. For months, I found little to nothing that appealed to me. Searching online, I came across this beautiful invitation on a blog and was determined to find it.
After bringing the picture back to Kate's and begging them to find it for me, they told me these invitations were custom-made for the bride with the manufacturer - the artwork was her own and these were one-of-a-kind. If there was a dream invitation, this was it!
Back to the drawing board...
My time is running short and I imagine crunch time for calligraphy.
I am receiving samples in the mail this week and visiting Kate's, yet again, tomorrow.
Now, I would notice if I received a beautiful invitation in the mail. However, I know that most guests do not. My invitation will ultimately end up in a frame and a memory book, but all my guests will throw it away. It's amazing what a bride can agonize over!
Stay tuned to see what I select for my wedding invitations!

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