Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Etiquette Question

And Guest???

Q. How do I handle addressing my invited guests who are not on the list with a “plus one”? What if they ask me if they can bring a date?

A. This is a sensitive subject. In an ideal world, we would extend an "And Guest" to all of the single guests invited. Unfortuntely, it is not always possible. In many cases, the guest list is the hardest part of planning a wedding. Each guest has a reason for being on the list. As a guide, if a guest is in a relationship, he or she should absolutely be extended a guest invite. If your invited guest is single – it is not required to include a guest.

In my experience planning my various wedding-related events, I have run into a few issues with guests wanting to include a plus one. I sometimes need to step back and wonder how these guests thought it was appropriate to call the host of a party to ask if they could bring someone OR invite a guest prior to the invitation even being sent. Thankfully, the wedding party can take control during these awkward situations and lift the pressure off the bride and groom.

When you are managing a list of hundreds of people, it is hard to imagine including so many extras that you do not know.

Just remember, if you let one single guest bring a guest, you have to extend the privilege to all of your single guests. The wedding party is an exception – it is appropriate to include a guest for all single members of your wedding party regardless of what you are doing otherwise.

Good luck!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Color Inspiration -- WHITE

I love white weddings! Which is, of course, why I decided to have a white wedding myself...

White wedding details are timeless - classic, and you can personalize your event with unique touches to make it all your own. You may want small color accents here and there, such as a shade of green, which can highlight flower buds and leaves. Or as I have shown below - bring in metallic accents in silver and gold for a traditional feel using silver trays, gold chairs and metallic ribbons.

When you design a monochromatic event, it gives you an opportunity to pay extra attention to textures. You can create a look using linens to completely change the aura of a room. I love the lacy details throughout the pictures below. The china coordinates with the place cards and with the candles, the mirrors and the wine favors. By the way - I love the wine with custom labels as a gift. Take yours one step further and make the wine yourself! You and your hubby-to-be can spend some quality time together learning all about the wine making process from crushing to bottling at Make Your Own Wine. If time and budget allow, it is such a romantic treat for the bride and groom to create a wine to give to their guests at the wedding.

I can predict multiple White inspiration boards in the future! :) But here are just a few to start you off! I love the yummy meringues - my favorite cookie! Hand them out to the guests as a favor or at the end of the night, or slip them in the welcome bags for an added treat!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Etiquette Question

Q. What should my mother or future mother-in-law wear to my wedding?

A. This is a matter of preference. If you have a strong opinion make sure you let them know how you feel. Communicate with your mother and future mother-in-law about what you would or wouldn't like to see them wear that day. Take into account the formality of your wedding, you don't want the mothers to be over-dressed or under-dressed compared to your wedding party.

According to etiquette, mothers should not wear the same color dress as the bridesmaids. Or the bride - of course!

In my case, I asked my mother and future mother-in-law to please not wear black (the color my bridesmaids are wearing) or red (with everyone in black and white, the pop of red in the wedding pictures would have drawn your eye right to that red dress!).

Ask the mothers if you can go shopping with them. They will be happy to have your approval on the dresses. It was a wonderful experience to go shopping with my mom for her dress - she got to be the star of the show and I got to tell her how beautiful she is for a change.

Encourage both women to talk to each other about what they are wearing. Your mom may remember something you asked that your future mother-in-law does not! ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Most Amazing Shoes!

After I purchased my dress back in November, the search for the most amazing wedding shoes began. I fell in love with the Grant shoe from Jimmy Choo. I was going to go with the shoe in nude, which I didn't love, but was at least happy it was neutral since black wasn't an option for me! After calling the boutique and learning that the shoe in my size did not exist anywhere in the world, I was a bit disappointed and disheartened. My search was temporarily on hold.
My future mother-in-law recently made the nicest gesture and said she would like to buy me my wedding shoes. I was suddenly excited to look again!
Walking past Christian Louboutin a few days ago sparked my interest. I was with Mr. Bliss, so I couldn't start trying things on, but I had a new starting point. After visiting the CL store a few days later, I realized the shoes were not a good color to match my dress. As I walked back to my office, I stopped at Jimmy Choo. The sales consultant took me upstairs and there were the shoes I loved, in the bridal version! I was ecstatic. It must have been my lucky day, because the shoes were in my size. I put them on hold to bring someone in for a second opinion and I sent photos to my mom at home for her reaction also.
I went back to purchase them with the blessing of my future mother-in-law.
I am in love!

Aren't they fabulous?!?