Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nightgown Party

My family has a sweet tradition of holding a Nightgown Party for the bride-to-be. Some people may be familiar with it as a personal shower. It is a small party of the women in the family, bridesmaids, friends, etc. held shortly after the engagement and prior to the bridal shower. It is usually held instead of an engagement party, but luckily, my future mother-in-law gave us one also.
Mama Bliss hosted my party this past weekend. Such a special day to celebrate the upcoming wedding! I got to tell my relationship and engagement story over and over to all of the family I hadn't seen recently. Even my future mother-in-law got a taste of my loving (but loud) Italian family.
Here are a few of my gifts below - the first is a gorgeous (!!!!) Claire Pettibone lace bridal nightgown, from my mom. She also gave me the stunning coordinating lace robe. Mama Bliss also made the chocolate pops for favors. She's so the Martha Stewart type! :)
Such sweet memories from the day for me to always remember!

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