Wednesday, January 28, 2009

His Ensemble

During my many many searches of wedding-related websites, I found very little mentioning the groom's clothing. Of course, there was the obligatory homage to advertisers, but no real mention of outfitting a fashion-conscious husband-to-be. I think it's important for the ladies to remember that your groom can't always picture your vision - so give him some ideas to help him create his wardrobe for the day. There is no counterpart for bridal magazines -- so I lean to designers for my inspiration. From linen shirts and khaki pants to tuxedos, there is something appropriate for every type of wedding.
Here are some ideas to get you started... I'll create additional posts on men's attire.
Something to think about - a white tuxedo jacket is approprite for warm weather climates -- make sure your waitstaff is not wearing the same!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Color Inspiration -- YELLOW

I have been way too excited about adding more color posts. I have been on the search for beautiful flowers and favors and fun details to add for color inspiration. Number two is Yellow.
I immediately think summer when I see yellow. I imagine a perfect July wedding with an outdoor ceremony and the sun shining down on the happy couple and their guests. The color is so cheerful - who wouldn't smile at a yellow wedding?
You could feature a lemon infused cocktail during your cocktail hour and bring the bright citrus fruit into your decor. Picture a garden party reception with daffodils and daisies and lovely yellow ribbons adorning your chairs.
Bring the color into your favors as seen below with an adorable cake made out of yellow favor boxes. Looks almost as good as the real limoncello flavored cake featured in the collection!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Color Inspiration -- ORANGE

I wish I could get married over and over (to the same wonderful guy, of course) just to plan events with different colors.
For years, I knew I was unable to fully devote myself to a single color and I have chosen to have a white wedding. However, I find inspiration in all the beautiful colorful weddings I see, so I'd love to share some of the details I've come across with you!
I have a fondness for the color orange so naturally I chose to begin with a citrus tinted affair. I love the warmth that orange brings to decor. There are so many variations in the orange family that it brings a nice range to flowers and all of the many wedding details.
I love the idea of featuring fresh fruits at weddings. Incorporating oranges in the vase or a big bowl of oranges. Accenting warm orange flowers with a pop from Granny Smith apples adds a great contrast.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where in the world to get married?

The possibilities are endless. Where you live, where you're from, where you went to school, where he's from, where you met, a Caribbean island...

I could never consider a destination wedding for myself. For me, the distance disconnects me from the process. I am detail oriented and a planner by nature and I was way too excited to be a part of it all.
Although - I adore beach wedding pictures.

I was dating Mr. Bliss for several years before we became engaged and I, like any other normal girly girl in love, pictured my wedding in my head. I live in New York City and envisioned a classic Manhattan wedding. Ceremony at St. Patrick's, wedding photos in Central Park, my bridesmaids helping me carry my dress across the city streets...

It would have been fun, but I am a classic bride-to-be. I asked Mr. Bliss if we could get married in my hometown - in a historic, renovated mansion on a tree-lined river. I'll walk down the aisle in the church I've always belonged to and get ready for the big day in the bedroom I grew up in. My family is all still there and there is a feeling of comfort going "home".

I said Yes. Of course!

It was the most perfect day in June. The weather was beautiful. We went out for a romantic dinner and took a long strolling walk. We ended the walk at a favorite landmark of mine where he planned to propose. Following happy tears, hugs and kisses and an excited call to my mom (naturally), Mr. Bliss planned a celebratory night of champagne.

Come with me as plan my dream September wedding to the man of my dreams. I'll be sharing tips, tricks and the things I love along the way.
xoxo Miss Bliss