Friday, January 23, 2009

Color Inspiration -- ORANGE

I wish I could get married over and over (to the same wonderful guy, of course) just to plan events with different colors.
For years, I knew I was unable to fully devote myself to a single color and I have chosen to have a white wedding. However, I find inspiration in all the beautiful colorful weddings I see, so I'd love to share some of the details I've come across with you!
I have a fondness for the color orange so naturally I chose to begin with a citrus tinted affair. I love the warmth that orange brings to decor. There are so many variations in the orange family that it brings a nice range to flowers and all of the many wedding details.
I love the idea of featuring fresh fruits at weddings. Incorporating oranges in the vase or a big bowl of oranges. Accenting warm orange flowers with a pop from Granny Smith apples adds a great contrast.

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