Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wedding Veils and Memories with Mom

I am the luckiest girl in the world.

I often need to take a step back and look at all the amazing things that I have and that I am able to do. My parents came to visit today with the sole purpose of Mama Bliss and I shopping for my wedding veil. Upon arrival, my mom told me that my veil would be my birthday present (my birthday is VERY soon!). I somehow became even more excited to go shopping with my mom knowing that she wanted to make this piece of my wedding so so so very special.

We had a few destinations in mind, but our first stop was Bride's Head Revisited. I had been to The Wedding Library before, but I was excited to walk up to the fourth floor into this room decorated with tulle and silk flowers waiting to adorn the heads of anxious brides-to-be.

I tried on different lengths, different blushers, different trim and loved it all. I decided on a gorgeous chapel length veil trimmed in crystal beads sprinkled with crystals. All of the pieces are custom designed and made specifically for each bride. I worked with Emily and she made me feel like a princess - she asked me lots of questions, she looked at my dress online, she made suggestions based on all of the details that I told her about the wedding. When I tried on a sample, and my mom saw the smile cross my face, she knew it was the one. Our day of trying on veils took a quick, but happy turn - and we were free to celebrate together (and later with Daddy and my fiance) for the rest of our time together.

I am so glad my mom was there. She is the only one who has seen the dress and veil - I love that we have these memories to share.

Miss Bliss

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