Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Etiquette Question

And Guest???

Q. How do I handle addressing my invited guests who are not on the list with a “plus one”? What if they ask me if they can bring a date?

A. This is a sensitive subject. In an ideal world, we would extend an "And Guest" to all of the single guests invited. Unfortuntely, it is not always possible. In many cases, the guest list is the hardest part of planning a wedding. Each guest has a reason for being on the list. As a guide, if a guest is in a relationship, he or she should absolutely be extended a guest invite. If your invited guest is single – it is not required to include a guest.

In my experience planning my various wedding-related events, I have run into a few issues with guests wanting to include a plus one. I sometimes need to step back and wonder how these guests thought it was appropriate to call the host of a party to ask if they could bring someone OR invite a guest prior to the invitation even being sent. Thankfully, the wedding party can take control during these awkward situations and lift the pressure off the bride and groom.

When you are managing a list of hundreds of people, it is hard to imagine including so many extras that you do not know.

Just remember, if you let one single guest bring a guest, you have to extend the privilege to all of your single guests. The wedding party is an exception – it is appropriate to include a guest for all single members of your wedding party regardless of what you are doing otherwise.

Good luck!!

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