Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day

I think the concept of having a day to remind everyone with someone special in their lives to do something a little out of the ordinary is a nice idea when we are all overloaded with negative news all day.
I thought of some sweet treats for the holiday this year.

For the body:
A Godiva Chocolate Body Wrap at Ajune spa in Manhattan.
Totally indulge your mind and body.

For the sweet tooth:
Crate and Barrel is a one stop shop. Pick up a Barefoot Contessa Red Velvet cupcake mix with cream cheese frosting. Bake the little treats in heart printed paper liners and decorate with Valentine's day sprinkles!

For your bridesmaids:
A cute heart-shaped case full of travel-size Clinique lip glosses. Make them feel special too!!

For your desk at work:
A signature Dylan's Candy Bar paint can full of a Jelly Belly Valentine's Day Mix. It makes your workspace festive and your co-workers will feel special too!

For him:
Because he won't appreciate a beautiful floral arrangement, send this adorable box of sugar cookies to his office to let him (and his co-workers) know he has the best fiancee.

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