Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Wedding.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

It has been FIVE months since the last time I sat down at this computer. I somehow found the time to blog only days before my wedding (I didn't sleep much at that point) and since the wedding, I have taken the time to just be married.

Mr. Bliss and I married on the most beautiful day ever in September. I woke up early and the sun was shining. I headed to the gym - not that I got into it during the wedding planning, but I am OBSESSED with fitness. It was absolutely crucial I made it to the gym on my wedding day. Despite the reaction from my spin instructor and my fellow spinners that morning, I needed it to clear my head. I even took a run with my dog post-workout so I could enjoy the fresh air before the excitement of getting ready set it in. If you can, I highly recommend an evening wedding so you have the morning to decompress. It can be hard to find the joy in arriving at a hair salon before the sun rises (trust me, I've done it).

I head over to the salon with my 'maids, my mom, my flower girl/niece and my aunt for an afternoon of pampering.
Here's a peek at my hair being done:

Once we made it back to my parents' house to get ready - it felt like time was flying. The flowers were delivered (that is my bouquet as my profile photo), my photographer arrived and it was time to put on THE DRESS! I wore a gorgeous gown by Amsale. The style was called Aurora and it was a princess-like as the name. Don't be thrown off by the photo on the website - my gown was white and floor-length - and FABULOUS.
Without further ado... here it is!

After getting dressed, we were off to the church. The limo ride to the church was only about five minutes long, but that was plenty long enough for the nerves to kick in. It was pure excitement. This was the culmination of fifteen months of planning and planning and planning and planning.

Our ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt. Despite trying to get all my tears out at the rehearsal (the stress of the week and the emotions of the moment really took over), I still managed to cry during my vows. I don't think you really understand the power of those words until you say them to someone with whom every promise is true. With a kiss, we were married!

We did our photos at our reception venue, outside by the river as the sun set behind us. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Then it was time to celebrate. The reception was a blast. We had a surprise (a good one!!), arranged by my parents, which literally shocked us, and everyone else in attendance. Without giving too many details about it, or us, it brought some color to my simple palette of black and white. Everything was amazing - the food, the drinks, the cake, the music, the impeccable service at the venue. Here's a peek at the cake!

Post-reception, they even arranged a beautiful spread in our suite of all the food we barely got to touch since we were making time for all of our guests. I shouldn't forget to mention the rose petal-sprinkled, candlelit jacuzzi they set up for us when we came up to our room.

It was the perfect day. I couldn't have dreamed it better.

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